Warsaw Vocal Studio offers:

  • Individual IVA voice lessons
  • Individual SLS voice lessons
  • Individual voice lessons via Skype
  • Workshops and individual lessons with specialists from around the World
  • Only certified vocal instructors
  • European Vocal Camp / www.europeanvocalcamp.com
  • Workshops in other cities
  • Coaching for performances and recording sessions
  • Training voice-over actors
  • Tailored approach to singers of all levels and abilities, from beginners to professionals
  • Lessons for children
  • Lessons in English, Spanish and Polish

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Warsaw Vocal Studio is the first professional studio dedicated to vocal developement in Warsaw.
Founded by Magda Navarrete – singer, producer, and vocal instructor, and Andres Martorell, managed in collaboration with Zofia Prucnal.

Warsaw Vocal Studio is where you can take your first steps in singing, develop your vocal technique and creativity, as well as broaden your musical horizons if you already are a professional singer, actor, or otherwise use your voice actively.

Warsaw Vocal Studio specialises in two most versatile and effective singing methods in the World: IVA – Institute for Vocal Advancement, and SLS – Speech Level Singing.

Warsaw Vocal Studio means only certified and trained vocal instructors.

We give 30 and 45 minute individual lessons, which are tailored each client’s needs, and available at the Studio and on Skype.
We run weekend workshops in many Polish cities and abroad, and as vocal coaches, we also work with groups, bands, choirs, and recording studios.

Warsaw Vocal Studio is the first place in Poland which took up the development of vocalists. We regularly invite specialists from all parts of the World to conduct workshops at our studio, presenting a variety of techniques, cultures and styles of singing.

Warsaw Vocal Studio is a place that brings together languages, cultures and music from around the World. We teach in Polish, Spanish, and English.

At Warsaw Vocal Studio
you don’t need to have any previous musical experience. You don’t need to sign up for an entire semester, or attend any additional courses. You come when you can and feel like it.

At Warsaw Vocal Studio
you can not only take individual lessons for vocal technique, performance, style, public speaking and English pronounciation for singers, but also ask for recording studio/session coaching, as well as join a vocal harmony or an a capella group!

How do we teach?

We teach everyone who wants to sing, develop their voice, and understand how to correctly use their instrument.

This includes many vocal professionals – actors, singers, speakers. They learn because they know that their voice needs to be taken care of.

What one may have learned years ago is not enough, as vocal science is in constant development, and vocal coaches need to keep up with it to be able to teach effectively, and to work with your voices responsibly.

Our teaching and our knowledge come from the best vocal development techniques out there. We encourage the regular training of professional voices – just as it is with sportsmen, the voice also needs a tailored and optimal training.

Such trainings we tailor to each one of our students.

Your first lesson

1. Take a minute to think, how and what would you like to sing.
2. What would you like to change in your voice?
3. Come a little earlier, just to catch a breath.
4. Take water with you.
5. Remember to bring something to record your lesson with (phone, voice recorder, camera).
6. The majority of the lesson will be spent improving your technique through exercises, the rest is where we apply them to the song and the style you sing in.
7. Each lesson will be tailored to your voice by our teacher. Each voice needs a different approach and exercises. You don’t need to prepare for this lesson – it’s us who need to be ready to help you improve your voice!
8. Recording and repeating exercises is what helps you progress.
9. Remember – it’s us who need to prepare for your lesson. We don’t judge voices or check your range – we train and develop voices!

Join us!

– Anyone can come for a lesson – just book (Cennik) http://www.warsawvocalstudio.pl/cennik/
– Anyone can take part in themed workshops
– No previous musical education/experience required
– No long term commitment – book in whenever it suits you!

We’re looking forward to seeing you at WARSAW VOCAL STUDIO!


CANCELLATION POLICY: All lessons cancelled with less than 24h notice will be charged at a full fee.